So I need an 11 second Mustang


Based on the results of the $2013 Challenge I need an ~11 s car to win the drag.

Turning to an ET-MPH-HP calculator I need to make 327 hp assuming a weight of 2200 lbs (10% reduction of stock weight).   Going to another on-line calculator to convert RWHP to Crank HP I get 400 bhp at crank.

According to Wikipedia the stock motor makes 271 bhp, so I’d be looking to get 150% more given the load of the alternator and water pump.

289 cu in (4.7 L) Windsor HiPo V8 (1964–1966) 4-barrel 271 bhp (202 kW; 275 PS) @ 6,000 312 lb·ft (423 N·m) @ 3,40

The guys at vintage-mustang say its possible and the motor already has many go fast parts that I have to quantify.   Gotta get it ready for Epping in the spring…